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Some Great tips...

  • If you have a #6B pencil, tracing paper and some denatured alcohol you can create your own graphite-like paper. Completely cover one side of the tracing paper with your #6B. Then take a cotton ball dipped in denatured alcohol and run it over the pencil. Make sure the cotton ball is only slightly damp. Once dry, flip to none pencil covered side up and use as normal. The paper should last you quite a while.
  •  A great way to transfer images on a gourd for woodburning is to draw out your image on press-N-seal and stretch the image over graphite paper around your gourd. The press-N-seal should keep the graphite paper frimly in place while you trace your image.

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Gourd Chart

Digital Gourds chart © Dan Dunkin 2003
This chart is used courtesy The Gourd Reserve