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Gourding as I go

About the Artist

Welcome to Chrivia Studios!

After a life long love affair with arts and crafts I have recently settled down to working with what some call nature's canvas: The Gourd!

I first got interested in gourds after seeing and purchasing a gourd from an artist that displays her work at Coronado Art in the Park. I started looking up gourds on the internet and found out that there was a gourd farm an hour away from San Diego. It took me a full year to get out there, but boy was it worth it!

I joined the San Diego County Gourd Patch in 2007. They are a great group that has limitless talent, tips and friendship to offer. In 2009 I became the California Gourd Society Treasurer and the San Diego County Gourd Patch Treasurer. Its a lot of work, but I love being a part of the gourd community and being able to give something back.

I hope you enjoy my pieces even half as much as I enjoy creating them.